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NATO Armies (Ranks & Insignia)

iPhone / iPad
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The app has been updated and includes
air force ranks and insignia. Double click to move from army to air force and back! Navy ones to follow!

NATO Armies (Ranks & Insignia) is an application for displaying information about the armies of NATO countries and the ranks that are used in these countries.

Information is available for 28 NATO member countries as well as military emblems and insignia.

The application offers 3 views.

Display information for armies (name, local name, motto, headquarters, founded year). If emblem for country military is available this is also shown. For each country the available military branches (army, air force, navy) are shown along with images of emblems, flags, roundels, ensigns and jacks.

Display nato ranks and insignia for all 28 countries, army and air forces (navy to follow). It is a 2D array where rows are countries and columns are the rank levels. Move to left or right for changing rank level. Move up or down to change country. Double click to move from army to air force and back Apart from insignia image the user may encounter the following: "no insignia" means that the specific officer/enlisted personnel do not have an insignia, "no rank" means that the specific country do not have such a rank and finally, "not available" means that the specific insignia is not available currently.

Setting 1: Since many countries do not have warrant officers' ranks, user can select not to display these ranks in the Ranks & Insignia View.

Setting2: Select the country to start with in the Ranks & Insignia View

Setting3: Select the countries to display ranks for in the Ranks & Insignia View

Update ranks & insignia view to include air force and navy ranks & insignia.