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Ahaa - Riddle This!

iPhone / iPad
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Riddle This! version 1.0.3 contains over 1200 riddles categorized in eigth different categories.

The categories are: Logic, Math, Classic, Ancient, Funny, Hard, Easy, Miscallenous. This means that there are riddles of different types. A little of everything to all users. Normal or classic types of riddles, ridiculous joke type of riddles for the joker/clown, riddles for kids, math riddles for the ones who like to calculate and so on...

So do you know the answers to the following normal riddles.

"What's full of holes but still holds water?"

"What word is it from which the whole may be taken and yet some will be left?"

"By Moon or by Sun, I shall be found; yet I am undone when there's no light arouund?

or this one...

"What stays where it is when it goes off?

And plenty more of these...

- Currently Version 1.0.3 contains over 1200 riddles.

- Currently Version 1.0.3 contains eigth different categories: Logic, Math, Classic, Kids, Funny, Can't be true, Short and sharp, Miscallenous.

- Simple and intuitive user interface. Browse freely to the next or previous riddle.

- Toggle back and forth from Riddle to answer.

- Shake device for random riddle.

- Big clear text that is easy to read.

- No Internet connection is needed.

How To
Enjoy reading the riddles by browsing freely back and forth each riddle in the eigth categories. Two browse just press the next-button to go to the next riddle or press the previous button to go back. To check the answer press the answer button. By pressing the answer button it changes into question-button so that the user can toggle between the riddle and the answer. If the user wants a random riddle just shake the device and the device will randomly present a riddle from any of the categories.

riddle funny logic math kids classic solve