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AIRCRAFT NOSE ART – Collection of Memorable Art Found on Actual Airplanes

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Nose art is a decorative painting or design on the fuselage of an aircraft. It’s usually located near the nose, and it’s recognized as a form of sophisticated aircraft graffiti.

Most of the nose art found on airplanes depicts either scantily clad or nude ladies, although some of the pictures are more cartoon character in nature. With AIRCRAFT NOSE ART, you’ll find pictures of actual planes with sexy ladies embracing names like American Pie, Cherokee Strip, Bottoms Up and Heavenly Lambchop. There are also photographs of planes with more comedy features such as the Hudson Valley Hauler, Panchito and even Santa Claus hanging onto the nose for dear life.

The art of decorating aircraft began for practical reasons of identifying friendly military units during times of war, but the practice evolved to express the individuality and creativity that are often constrained by the uniformity of the military. Its purpose was also to bring back memories of home and peacetime life, plus it provided a psychological buffer against the stresses of war and the probability of death. The appeal, in part, came from nose art not being officially approved, even when the regulations against it were not enforced.

Nose art is largely a military tradition, but civilian airlines have adopted the practice as well. Planes operated by the Virgin Group feature “Virgin Girls" on the nose, and the practice has also expanded to the tail art of several commercial airlines. The Eskimo of Alaska Airlines and the family of friendly animals on the tails of the planes of Frontier Airlines can be called “nose art.” The art sometimes popped up on other areas of the plane as well, such as the markings of the 8th Air Force B-17 "Whizzer", which had its girl-riding-a-bomb on the dorsal fin.

You’ll have hours of entertainment with this app, whether it’s enjoying the lovely sexy ladies or just appreciating the art form itself.

This popular app will surely be on your best buy list.