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UltraList Plus

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Finance
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One of the best ways to keep and organize information in our lives is through the use of lists, whether it is a To Do list, shopping list, gift giving list, expense list, photo album, or a checklist of some kind. UltraList allows you to keep these lists with you, update them wherever you are and even share them.

+ To Do, Shopping, Gift Giving, Checklist, Locations, Photos, Expenses, Documents, Weblinks and Tags

+ Set due date, focus, priority, location and notes
+ Ability to group To Dos by focus or due date
+ Past due and due today alerts on the Home screen

+ Assign tags to items, then view your data by tags
+ Tags can represent projects, goals, clients, or anything you want

+ Browse the web and save links to websites as weblinks in UltraList Plus
+ Attach these weblinks to any item within UltraList

+ Organize by category (the isle/section of the store)
+ Keep items hidden until ready to go to the store
+ Set expiration date on items in your shopping list to remind you to buy them

+ Keep track of your favorite locations and attach pictures
+ Associate locations with items in your lists
+ Search for new locations using internet search
+ Set GPS coordinates for a location (using map, current position, or manual entry)
+ Ability to see all items associated with a specific location
+ Locations can be sorted by proximity, even when used to group items

+ Keep track of expenses either for either personal reasons or for business expense reports
+ Expense list type can also be used for time tracking (with customizable hourly rates)
+ Supports all world currencies along with automatically downloading exchange rates
+ Calculator mode (optional) when entering amounts
+ Export to CSV via email, including photo attachments!

+ Attach photos to any item
+ Search for images over the internet and save them to your device
+ Copy back to device's camera roll or email as an attachment
+ Photo Viewer allows you to flip through your photos, as well as zoom in and out.

+ Search for documents over the internet and save them to your device
+ Email saved documents individually or as part of other data you have in UltraList
+ Ability to view documents

+ Works great for simple lists such as checklists, packing lists, etc.
+ Optionally set a context for each item (such as a goal or project) and group items by context.

+ Email a list or just a single item to a friend, they can import directly into their UltraList. This includes any attached photos or documents as well!

+ Backup and restore to/from your desktop computer using iTunes File Sharing.
+ Backup and restore to/from Dropbox™ (offers free accounts with 2GB of storage - see for details.).

+ Supports landscape orientation
+ Unique Show/Hide feature, allows you to keep items in a list hidden when you don't need them. Works great for shopping lists or packing lists
+ Within a list search for items, finds even hidden items
+ Group and sort items by a number of criteria, such as location, due date, category, etc. Including being able to manually order items
+ Move and copy items between lists
+ Edit categories more easily with a improved category editor.

+ Themes: This feature allows you to download available themes.

Also available in the App Store is the original UltraList which does not have the expense, photos, documents, weblinks or tag features (but can be upgraded to same features as UltraList Plus with in-app purchase).