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TSUZUMIN is software that you can easily use to play Kotsuzumi (Japanese
traditional small drum).

*Two tones, high and low, are provided.
Hit the center part of your iPhone, and you will get low tones; press the edge to get the high tones.
* Interjected chant or “Kakegoe” can be implemented.
Tsuzumi drummers play the accompaniment for “Kakegoe”. When you include “Kakegoe” while you play Kotsuzumi, you will achieve a more professional sound.

No sounds come out when you select the silent mode on your iPhone.

About Kotsuzumi
One of the Japanese traditional musical instruments, Kotsuzumi is played during Noh plays and Kabuki. Kotsuzumi is worn on the right shoulder of the player and struck with the right hand. The pitches and tones are tuned by
tightening and loosening the tensions of the hemp rope, called “Shirabe”
that joins the drum heads and the body.

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