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IQ Test - Calculate Your IQ now!

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A test to know yourself better

Calculate your IQ in just a few minutes and compare yourself to the rest of the population. This I.Q. test has already sold more than 2 million copies worldwide (,,;,,, and remains one of the premium IQ tests in the market.

70% of the population scored within the average IQ range of 85-115. How well will you fare?
A test you must take at least once in your lifetime!

IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is a general determination of the capacity of individuals to think and reason. An IQ level indicates how one is positioned compared to the majority of individuals in a given age bracket.

The IQtest we offer was carefully prepared to evaluate the intelligence level of individuals. Psychologists supervised its preparation.

- 50 items testing your logical, spatial, mathematical, and memory intelligence
- Your IQ level
- IQ level as compared to the rest of the population

See what people have said about our IQ Test:

"I find the test informative and interesting. The results it provides is an insight beyond what we know about ourself. A chance to rediscover and reinvent our senses, great!"
- Nancy Low (New York)

"The I.Q test was quite fun to take. It was good to get a high score although the figure of 135 is in line with what I have tested at previously...i.e. just inside the top 1% of the population. I would agree that I have a 'rounded' sort of I.Q. I don't seem particularly great or useless at any one particular thing...I tend to be a jack-of-all-trades. Basically, I think it was a sensible, credible test."
- Scott (London)

We encourage our users to share their IQ ranking and their thoughts on the IQ test!

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