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Japanese Fairy Tales

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This eBook contains the text of The Japanese Fairy World by William Elliot Griffis. First published in 1887, this book is a collection of 35 wonderful, traditional fairy tales rooted in Japanese mythology.

Please note that in the original, hardcopy text of The Japanese Fairy World, certain “o” characters were accented with a macron. These characters have been replaced with “[=o]” in this eBook.

The stories included in this eBook are:

The Meeting of the Star Lovers.
The Travels of Two Frogs.
The Child of the Thunder.
The Tongue-cut Sparrow.
The Fire-fly's Lovers.
The Battle of the Ape and the Crab.
The Wonderful Tea-Kettle.
Peach-Prince and the Treasure Island.
The Fox and the Badger.
The Seven Patrons of Happiness.
Daikoku and the Oni.
Benkei and the Bell.
Little Silver's Dream of the Shoji.
The Tengus, or the Elves with Long Noses.
Kintaro, or the Wild Baby.
Jiraiya, or the Magic Frog.
How the Jelly-Fish Lost its Shell.
Lord Cuttle-Fish Gives a Concert.
Yorimasa, the Brave Archer.
Watanabé cuts off the Oni's Arm.
Watanabé Kills the Great Spider.
Raiko and the Shi Ten Doji.
The Sazayé and the Tai.
Smells and Jingles.
The Lake of the Lute and the Matchless Mountain.
The Waterfall of Yoro, or the Fountain of Youth.
The Earthquake Fish.
The Dream Story of Gojiro.
The Procession of Lord Long-Legs.
Kiyohimé, or the Power of Love.
The Fisherman and the Moon-Maiden.
The Jewels of the Ebbing and the Flowing Tide.
Kai Riu O, or the Dragon King of the World Under the Sea.
The Creation of Heaven and Earth.
How the Sun Goddess was Enticed out of her Cave.

You can access the text with the following commands:
+When reading a chapter, swipe to the left to go to the next page.
+Swipe to the right to go to the previous page.
+Double-tap the screen to move to the beginning of a chapter.
+Click on the 'B' button at the top-right of each page of text to store a bookmark at the current page. You can delete outdated bookmarks by editing the Bookmarks list. The eBook also automatically stores a bookmark at the most recently viewed page. This last-page-viewed bookmark always appears at the top of the Bookmarks list and cannot be deleted.

The eBook application allows you to change the text's font type, color and size as well as the color of the background. These settings will be saved when the application is closed and automatically applied when the eBook is opened again.

These instructions are repeated in the eBook application.

Please note that when you first open a chapter, the application takes two or three seconds to perform certain initialization operations before the text appears. The same is true when you change font and/or color settings. You should see an activity indicator going round and round while the application performs this initialization.