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Fake Geiger Counter

iPhone / iPad
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Many is the time when I've wondered how much radiation there is in the general vicinity and whether or not one of my close friends is carrying a hefty dose of beta particles!

Well, with the advanced Fake Geiger Counter you can certainly fool all of your friends as to the local radiation and perhaps show them which one has the highest dose...

Fake Geiger Counter simulates the operation of a real Geiger Counter in measuring any ionizing radiation in the locality including:

* Authentic Analogue Meter Readout
* High/Low Sensitivity Mode for Meter animations
* Cold War style design with stylish illuminated buttons
* Realistic Audio of Disintegrations (pop, pop, poppity pop...)

Even better, tilt the device slightly and you can secretly control the level of radiation detected which will both change the meter reading and the level of disintegrations heard in the audio effects!

Now, by tilting the device slightly (along the Z axis, that is through the phone) more vertically the reading will increase and more horizontally and it will decrease.

* Scan your friends and fool them into thinking they're HOT
* Look for hidden radioactive isotopes in your house
* Show your relatives that porridge really makes you glow in the dark

The possibilities are endless!

(remember to show them the help screen to ensure they don't go for decontamination and that it is in fact a prank or joke!)

disclaimer: It's a fake / simulation and doesn't really measure radiation levels.