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Attention: please be aware that the «network-game» only works on iPhones 3G and later. The iPhone 2g doesn't have built in Bluetooth - which is necessary for network-games.

The goal of the game is, to dice as much (or as little) as possible with 3 dice. The opponent has to beat the call of the first player.
A «chigg» (3 x 1) beats everything.
The opponent wins also, if she/he dices the same number with less dice.

After the program start you'll see two entry fields:

Player 1 / Player 2 -» enter the names of the players here. If you want to play against the iPhone, leave «iPhone» in the field for player 2.
When you entered the names, click on «Start».

For Multiplayer Mode click on «Network Game» - you don't have to enter any names then.
Choose the iPhone/iPod you want to play with from the upcoming list. The other player will receive a request that she/he has to accept.

You dice by clicking on the 3 dice on the lower right corner of the screen, or by shaking the iPhone (WARNING: SHAKE FIRMLY(!) AND HOLD THE IPHONE/IPOD TIGHT SO YOU DON'T THROW IT AWAY! I DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE!)

The game starts

Every player gets one dice to determine which player begins. The player with the highest number begins. If both players dice the same number, this step will be repeated.

The player who calls will see a bar that indicates the number she/he diced and a greater-than/lesser-then (« ») sign. By clicking on these, you determine whether the opponent has to score more or less than the player who calls (e.g. 12 » means that the opponent has to dice more than 12).
If you dice a 1 or a 6 you can turn these numbers into 100 or 60 respectively.
If you dice 2 x 6, you can choose whether you want to turn one of the sixes into a 1 (remember 3 x 1 beats all!).
And, you can «save» a die by tapping on it. Then, a green hook appears which indicates that this die won't be used for the next dice. This way, you can work towards a «chigg» (or any other number) you wish to score (e.g. in the first dice, you have two ones, then you're gonna «save» those ones and try to dice another one with just the third die).
To make things even more complicated: when you dice two sixes and turn them into 60s, the opponent can't beat this by turning a one into 100 (unless the player who calls had a one turned into 100 as well - e.g. the caller has 6 - 6 - 3 -» 60 + 60 + 3 = 123. The opponent has 6 - 1 - 5 -» 60 + 1 + 5 = 66. That's where strategy comes in :)
When the calling player reached the number she/he wishes the opponent to beat, she/he taps on the « » sign to determine whether the opponent has to dice a higher or lower number.

When it's the opponent's turn, the « » signs won't show up as she/he just has to beat what the calling player offered.
The opponent wins when: she/he has the same number in less throws or a higher/lower number with the same amount of throws. Again: 3 x 1 («chigg») beats all.

The player who loses will receive a «coin». The player who collects 3 coins first, loses. If - for example - player a has 2 coins and player b 1 coin and player b loses, she/he will receive a coin from player a.

Game indicator:

On the upper right of the screen are two bars: Player 1/ Player 2 where the names of the players are shown, as well as the amount of throws and the call from the calling player. There's another indicator showing how many games a player won so far.


When you play against «iPhone», the phone dices itself. You'll see the call (or the number diced) in the bar on the upper right of the screen...

Have fun!