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Hawaii is the jewel in the Pacific Ocean. Is the Pacific sea and air transport hub in the region.
Mark Twain said: Hawaii is the most beautiful island in the ocean, is parked in the ocean of the island's loveliest fleet.
Hawaiian Islands are small islands and 124 from 8 Oshima island chain consisting of a crescent, curved and mounted on the central Pacific waters, it is "the Pacific Ocean at a crossroads" and "the United States to the Asia-Pacific gateway," said the . Its land area of 16,641 square kilometers, is Hawaii's largest island, formed by five volcanoes, volcanoes of the world's most active volcano. Mauna Loa volcano eruptions every few years time, blazing lava outflow from the mountain gap slowly become one of the major wonders of Hawaii. Oahu is the third largest island in Hawaii is also the political and cultural center. State of 1.1 million people living in 80 percent of the island.

Hawaii is located in the tropics, but mild and pleasant climate, the economy was dominated by agriculture, mainly sugar cane and pineapple. Fishing is also an important component of the economy. In recent years, Hawaii has been rapid development of the tourism industry, tourism revenue has leapt to the head of the industry. Man-made tourism in 1991 received 10 billion U.S. dollars, is the state's defense industry, sugar and pineapple fields of three kinds of major economies to 2 times the total income, has become an important pillar of our economy.

Hawaii, is the world's most developed tourism industry one of the places. But to attract tourists, and not sites, but the beauty of its natural environment and traditional hospitality Hawaiians, friendly and sincere. Hawaii beautiful scenery, charming beaches, sun and the colorful scenery changes Nebula: clear skies, the beautiful beaches Wilkey, flowery parasol; sunset in banana palm coast for couples; moonlight, Polynesian dancing and singing. Voice of Hawaiian flowers, sea and Rhyme, for the tourists to play a beautiful Romance.
Simple Hawaiian hospitality. When close to tourist vessels off the coast of Hawaii, it is a large group of fiery passion of Hawaii woman driving near the Ferry boat to a string of colorful garlands to the visitors, and welcome shouting slogans, to fully express their most sincere welcome Lichen.