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Dude Deluxe

iPhone / iPad
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Laugh out loud with the most versatile and popular word in the English language, “DUDE.” The iPhone and iPod Touch’s Original and Only “Dude” App, it features dozens of hilarious “Dude” recordings. When people say “Dude” it can mean anything and everything depending on the pronunciation and context. People can even converse saying nothing else but “Dude.” You'll have hours and hours of fun laughing along with our pop culture’s greatest living word “Dude” and trying to figure out what each “Dude” recording really means.


* More hilarious dude recordings!
* Save any Dude recording as a custom iPhone ring-tone
* Send any Dude recording as an MP3 file to friends. What better way to say hello in this internet age?
* Set Dude timers and alarms
* Surprise friends with Dude bomb attacks
* No annoying ads!


* “I know that Dude!” - Jeff Spicoli, Fast Times at Ridgemont High
* “Dude Looks Like a Lady.” - Steven Tyler, Aerosmith
* “Dude, you gotta have a poker face like me.” - Bill & Ted (during their Excellent Adventure)
* “All the young dudes, Carry the news, Boogaloo dudes.” - David Bowie
* “Dude.” “Dude.” “Dewde.” “Doooode!” “I guess you got a point there.”- Trey parker and Matt Stone, BASEketball (towards the end, long after you had shut it off).
* “Don’t Call Me Dude!” – Scatterbrain

(examples of each are included in this version):

Dude is one of the most versatile words in any language. John Swansberg of Slate identifies "at least six distinct usages" of dude:

- The admonitory dude: the dude deployed when your buddy won't stop humming "Umbrella" on a long car ride. As in, "Dude, enough."
- The interrogative dude: useful for ascertaining whether you've dropped a call. "Dude? Are you still there?"
- The deflated dude: the dude of bad news. "Dude. Tom Brady's wearing a boot."
- The exclamatory dude: the dude of good news. "Dude! Tom Brady is no longer wearing a boot!"
- The sotto voce (under one’s breath) dude: for classified briefings. "Dude: Here comes that tall drink of water from accounting."
- The blissed-out dude: more accurately rendered as duhuhude. The dude issued upon rediscovering a long-lost (Grateful) Dead tape.

Our in-house Dude experts have identified several more usages:

- The “What were you thinking?” dude: When you are shocked by the stupidity of your best friend.
- The scary dude: What Shaggy might say to Scooby-Doo just before saying “RUN!” when the scary pumpkin headed ghost is fast approaching, duuuuuude!
- The “What’s up with that?” dude: When someone walks right into you on the street in New York.
- The “I’m Sorry” dude: dude (I’m sorry).

“Dude” is very famous as well, appearing in Bud Light commercials, headlining major motion pictures like “Dude, Where’s my car,” helping launch the career of Keanu Reeves and the other guy in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and appearing as the title character “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski.

So thank you for downloading this iPhone app, and to all of you who do, we say to you in the immortal words of Wayne and Garth, “Party On, Dude.”

* Multi language Dude
* Girl Dude
* Kid Dude
* Learn the meaning of each of our Dudes