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Introducing the first game with gesture controls! Tap and swipe your way to kick ninja butt!

Gestures work really well on the iPad. You only need to use 1 finger to play the game.

Featuring new Minigames, 2 unique story levels, difficulty modes, and Ninjas that throw shurikens!

Tap-Fu is a beat-em-up inspired by games like Karateka and Double Dragon. Features rich 3D levels and striking 2D characters, with unique and easy to learn control systems.

Keep your combo meter high, and earn style points. Post your scores online and compete against others around the world.

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-NEW: Minigames featuring Cloud Hop and 90 Sec Survival
-4 game modes: Story, Survival, 100 Rounds, Training
-3 difficulty modes for the casual and hardcore players
-2 types of controls: play using Gestures and Taps, OR using virtual D-pad and buttons
-Combo Meter and Style Points for extra points
-Local and Online Leaderboards
-Bone-crushing sounds
-5 save slots allowing you to save anytime


Engage in Story Mode where you must stop the evil Big Boss and his colorful ninja crew from getting away with the Tap-Fu Master’s stolen candy!

Survival & 100 Rounds modes:
Or test your skills in Survival, and the 100 Rounds and see how long you last against waves of candy-stealing ninjas and their Big Boss. Watch out for the Master!

Cloud Hop - How high can you go bouncing on clouds and avoiding shurikens, ninjas? Collect candy for extra boost.
90 Sec Survival - 90 seconds of pure ninja butt kicking action

Training mode:
Include is a Training mode for those that want to get a feel for the controls, or just want to perfect their combos.

2 Types of controls:
Switch between Gesture combat for maximum scores, and Joystick mode for superior control!

Beat down your enemy fast and hard with Quick Taps, or crush them with the Roundhouse and Fireball. Jump or roll away when it gets too hot. Collect candy to level up, or get Super Powered to unleash your inner Tap-Fu demon.

Combos & Style Points:
Maximize your combo meter to gain more points. Earn Style Points by executing special combos and well-timed attacks. This game is all about playing with style.

Bone-crushing sounds add major punch to the Hero’s fist, but beware the Big Boss’s roar!

Save & Load:
Save your game anytime, even automatically saves if you hit the Home button! Five save slots let you, your family, and your friends enjoy Tap-Fu even more!

Tons of Achievements to unlock!

Online Leaderboards:
Submit your scores to the global online leaderboards. Your scores are ranked against other Tap-Fu heroes around the world.

New chapters will be added over time. Currently in the works is Chapter 2, featuring Pirates!


Comments & Reviews:
"Tap-Fu is done in the way I think all Platformers should follow. The lack of clunky onscreen buttons make this game really interactive and pleasurable. The artwork, storyline and effort are simply stunning." - Flickitty game developer

"A highly entertaining and addictive classic beat-em-up with a humorous twist, with cheery colorful graphics and some fancy kung-fu moves thrown in." - review by enuhski (


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