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Before you take another breath- WATCH THIS AMAZING DEMO VIDEO:

RIFF is an entirely new way to play lead guitar. No other guitar app is this instantly playable.

RIFF makes playing guitar leads a "no-brainer' by restricting the notes you play to the rock & blues scale (Pentatonic scale). Simply start tapping and you will be RIFFing as fast as you can tap your fingers! You can easily bend notes, add finger tremolo, change keys and octaves.

The TURBO function allows you to play screaming fast lead runs by simply dragging your finger up and down the note triggers!

RIFF along with songs you access from your iPhone / iPod Touch music library or play live with other musicians. Either way, you are the RIFFmaster!

• RIFF with songs from your iTunes library.
• RIFF will auto-adjust itself to play in the correct key when opening a properly named MP3's.
• Dynamically control sounds as you play- mutes, open notes and harmonics!
• Bend notes up or down as you play.
• Add vibrato by rocking your finger as you would on a real guitar.
• High quality 48k guitar samples.
• Download FREE music to RIFF to from the web site.

What are you waiting for????? Join the RIFFolution and start RIFFing!

The big "keys" on the main "fretboard" represent the primary notes used when playing rock or blues (Pentatonic Scale). Hit these notes (in any order) while playing along with a song and you just can't play a bad note.

The smaller "keys" are passing notes. Hit these on the way to one of the big "keys".

Bending any note by sliding all the way to the left or right side of the screen. The note will always bend to the proper pitch for the song you're playing with.

To use the Turbo function, merely drag your finger up and down the note triggers. RIFF won't let you play faster than a human can play a real guitar.

To play music from your music library, touch the "MUSIC" button, load your song and play it. The song will loop until you pause it.

RIFF will auto-adjust itself to play in the correct key when opening a properly named MP3's. To properly name songs, open iTunes and type the key of the song to the end of the song name (in iTunes) and add a "-" if it's a minor key or a "+" if it's a major key.

EXAMPLE of naming a song in A sharp minor: My Totally Awesome song A#-

Then, Re sync your iPhone/iPod Touch and open the song in RIFF. RIFF will now auto-tune itself to play in the right key for the song.