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Andy Warhol first coined the expression ‘Everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame’

Someone, somewhere is always in the right place at the right time. And if you have PhotoFame with you, it could make all the difference.

If you have taken a photo of something noteworthy then it could easily feature in tomorrow’s national press. Fact - Most of the photos you see in newspapers are sent in by the public. The next one could be yours!

PhotoFame is a simple and unique app that sends your photo to the key people who sell pictures to the press. You may be in Europe, or the USA, the UK, Japan, Australia or in fact any country. A picture taken anywhere in the world may be selected by the press anywhere.

Using the very simple user interface, take or attach a photo and fire the image off to South West News Service (SWNS). It really is that simple!

PhotoFame has teamed up with SWNS, who do all the hard work to get your photo in the newspapers or magazines. They have the right contacts and direct feeds into many newspaper and magazine businesses around the world. If they want to use your photo, they will contact you back directly.

Q & A
Q. What sort of photos should I send?
A. Chances are, if you have a picture you have shown all your friends you have a picture which could make the newspapers. Obviously there is a huge market for celebrity pictures but pictures of breaking news stories, quirky pictures and pictures that just make you laugh. Here are a few pointers:-

SHOWBIZ - When it comes to celebrities the best pictures are exclusive, recent pictures of 'A' list celebrities going about their daily lives.

BREAKING NEWS - Citizen journalists fill more of the national papers every year. Nearly every recent major news event has been covered with pictures and video from mobile phones and compact cameras. The key here is speed - the first good picture sent to a newspaper is almost always the one which
gets used.

WEATHER - British people and British newspapers love to talk about the weather, the more extreme the better. If you have been flooded, snowed in, blown away or baked to a crisp you may well be in a position to get photo fame and reward.

QUIRKY - The best pictures are the ones that amuse, amaze or take your breath away. If you are so pleased with a picture you have emailed it to all your friends, chances are it will make newspaper fame.