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HexCalc - Hexadecimal Calculator

iPhone / iPad
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HexCalc - Hexadecimal Calculator from MadPodz.

HexCalc is a hexadecimal calculator that allows you to select the size of values you are working with, from byte to quad word. The calculator also allows calculations to be done not only in hexadecimal, but also in binary, octal, and decimal and provides quick conversion between any of these numerical bases.

HexCalc is a great tool for programmers, engineers, and anyone who needs to do calculations in decimal and non-decimal numerical bases, convert quickly between numerical bases, or explicitly use signed or unsigned calculations. HexCalc provides not only the standard calculator operations such as add, subtract, multiply, and divide, but also logical and bit-wise operations such as AND, OR, XOR, NOR, NOT, shift left, shift right, among others. HexCalc also includes standard memory functionality to store a value, restore the value, add to the stored value and subtract from the stored value.

Requires iPhone/iPod OS version 7.1 or greater.

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