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iSlipstick is a collection of commonly used electronic formula calculators and value converters.


Ohm's law calculator

Op-Amp gain calculator

LC circuit resonate frequency calculator

Impedance and phase calculator for both series and parallel RLC circuits

Parallel resistance calculator for up to six resistors

dBm to voltage and power calculator for 50, 75 and 600 ohm loads

Convert dBV to volts, dBW to watts and dBuV to microvolts with the dB converter. This converter will also convert the respective value to dB

Resistor Calculator for 4 or 5 band resistors

Time Constant calculator for R - C and R - L networks.

Length, Area, Volume, Capacity and Weight converters to go to and from metric and imperial units and within the same standard.

Voltage Converter RMS to Peak and Peak-to-Peak and vice-versa.


iSlipstick's unique keyboard makes it easy to enter values without having to jump from one keyboard mode to another

Numeric input can be American or European standard

Re-orderable tables allow you to put the most frequently used functions where you will find them quickly

iSlipstick has been tested on iOS 6.0 thru iOS 9.0