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Sudoku Scanner

iPhone / iPad
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This is a real scanner allowing you to capture sudoku from papers, books, magazines, and computer screens.

You don't need a pen to play sudoku, play with your iPhone. Just shoot and scan, the sudoku is captured. The app offers you much better playing experience than pen and paper. You would never be frustrated by the noting mess.

Stuck by a killer sudoku? The integrated resolver can crack the hardest sudoku. Just shoot and scan, the sudoku is cracked.

Depending on the photo quality, the typical recognition rate ranges from 90% to 100%. For a good quality photo, the recognition rate is near 100%. Only a couple of numbers need to be corrected in the unlucky cases. When you correct the recognition mistakes, the scanner learns to avoid it in future. The more you use it, the smarter it becomes.

Key features:
- Real scanner, extract sudoku from image
- Scan photos from camera and photo library
- Learn from scanning mistakes
- Manual input in case of scanning failure
- Integrated powerful resolver
- Excellent playing experience: smart note, error check, etc
- Share sudoku with friends and other users

Without the camera support, the app is less useful for iPod users. The iPod users can scan the images from the photo library, and manually input sudoku.

The recognition rate depends on the photo quality. The better the photo quality, the higher the recognition rate. A good quality photo is:
- Sudoku board is around center of the photo and not clipped
- No complex background in the sudoku board area
- Even brightness, no shadow

Image recognition is a difficult task in computer science. It makes the app unique in the app store. We can not guarantee recognition rate. It is a very challenging task and we are keep increasing the recognition accuracy.