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Apocalypse Zombie Fish

iPhone / iPad
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Dr. Edmond Ville's latest experiment has gone horribly wrong. Mindless hordes of Zombie fish now threaten to take over, and he's left with nothing but his trusty pipe-bombs to clean up his mess (or at least disperse it).

Help this mad scientist cleanse the waters by seeing just how high he can make the zombie fish fly.


☢ Zombie fish
☢ Pipe bombs
☢ Sweet graphics & tunes
☢ What, you need more?

How scoring works:

Each of the zombie fish have score multipliers. They are as follows:

Zombie Fish = x1.0 Multiplier
Zombie Barracuda = x1.2 Multiplier
Zombie Shark = x1.5 Multiplier

The object is to try and throw Dr. E. Ville's pipe-bomb as close to a horde of zombies as possible. The closer the the explosion of the pipe-bomb is to the zombie fish, the higher it will fly. How ever many other zombie fish were caught in the blast radius determines what your score for the round will be. There are 5 rounds in total.

For example:

You throw the pipe-bomb and detonate it close to three Zombie Barracudas, your multiplier would be 3 x 1.2 = 3.6 which would then multiply by the height of the highest fish. Lets say they flew 170ft into the air, your score would be 170 x 3.6 (your total multiplier) = 612 for that round.

See just how big your score can be!