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SightRead is a music game that helps you to read music scores quickly.

I developed it for music students, kids starting to learn the piano, or anybody who wants to learn to read music.

The game is very simple: Four random notes appear on the staves, so you have to play them correctly using the piano keys.

Sounds too basic? Read on and think again...

*20-note piano keys (specially designed to reduce error touches)

*Realistic piano sounds

*Selectable TREBLE or BASS CLEF

*Selectable SCALE (KEY SIGNATURE), from 7 FLATS (C-flat maj) to 7 SHARPS (C-sharp maj)

*Accidentals (SHARP/FLAT) take effect for the whole measure (4 notes) as you would expect on a real music score

*NATURAL symbol also appears, to cancel the above effect
(this is one of the main obstacles for beginners, so practice hard and get used to it!)

*High score ranking and name entry (challenge your friends!)

*You can play the game whilst listening to music on your iPhone/iPod


I made this app because I found that many other music lesson apps don't have sharp/flat/natural carry over behaving properly, so they were not useful for score reading exercises.

I tried to make this software as effective, useful, and responsive as possible.

The best way to improve your score reading speed is by repeated exercises, so this app is the perfect way to spend your free time, on the bus, on the plane, or waiting for a friend.