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Spanish Flashcards - 1,000 Nouns

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Master 1,000 of the most common nouns spoken in Spanish. Word prioritization will help you focus on the words that you need help with the most.

What customers have said about it.

"...having tried half a dozen Spanish apps, not to mention numerous books over the years, this app really stands out. The main difference is that I'm actually learning Spanish. ... Congratulations..."

"Great app!"
"This is a great way to learn new vocabulary words. The concepts of prioritization, mastery and decay really set this apart from other flashcard apps. Highly recommended!"


It is said that it only takes a vocabulary of about 5,000 words to converse in Spanish. This app contains the first 1,000.

Move aside other flashcard apps. This app contains a word prioritization feature based on the Leitner card file system. Word prioritization will help you focus on the words that you need help with the most. It will constantly challenge you on words that you previously got right reinforcing it them. See more below.

* 1,000 Flashcards!
* Modern words used today in the Spanish-speaking world
* Word Prioritization helps you focus on the words that you need help with the most
* Professionally translated words by fluent spanish-english speakers means less incorrect translations
* Score keeping to help you keep track of your progress
* Large flashcards make interactions easy

There is no faster way to increase your Spanish vocabulary than with word drills.


How the cards are dealt:

Each time a deck is dealt, cards are selected from three piles, new, right-one-time, mastery. There is a ratio of 50%, 30%, 20% from each pile. As you get cards right, they get promoted from the new to the right-one-time and then the mastery pile. If you get a mastery card wrong, it goes all the way back to the new pile. In this way, the system keeps challenging you and also mixing it up!. You won't get bored seeing the same old words.

Thanks to the late Sebastian Leitner for inventing this card file system.


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