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Say Wuh?!?

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Ever need a funny yo mamma joke?

Or need a quote from some famous folks?

Or maybe you just want a Fortune Cookie saying?

Or a totally non-sensical insult from the Zoltap Swami?

Well, you've come to the right place...

In "Say Wuh?!?" you'll find 4 apps to help make your day a little lighter.

Say Wuh?!? contains an 1,100 yo momma jokes collection, a 1,500 collection of famous quotes, nearly 500 fortune cookie sayings, and a funny random insult generator.

The best part... all included for the price of one app!!!

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The folks at myHIP want to remind you that these apps may be considered offensive to some people, but are all just jokes and not meant as personal attacks. Also, this app is not recommended for people under the age of 17 since some of the jokes might not be age appropriate.

Most importantly: Have a great day, and smile a little.