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iNtervalTunes is a workout program like no other. Create a workout. Add intervals (warmup,cooldown,work,rest) in any order, of any duration up to one hour per interval, and as many as you wish to a workout. Then add songs from your iTunes song collection to each interval. Or if you prefer, add a playlist or podcast to your interval.

iNtervalTunes stores your workouts for quick access later. You can modify a workout's intervals and you can modify an interval's songs if you wish.

But here's the cool part. When you run a workout, iNtervalTunes can run with your screen locked - it's verbal! iNtervalTunes anounces each interval's duration and intensity. iNtervalTunes then announces how many minutes are remaining in an interval every 5 minutes. And when an interval is complete, it plays a sound and then announces the next interval. Oh, and it moves from the currently playing interval's songs to the new interval's songs.

I use iNtervalTunes when riding bicycle rollers indoors at least twice a week. It is a great idea and I trust iNtervalTunes will be a motivational product for you too. You will not find a more flexible App for running, biking, rowing, or doing any aerobic exercise to music.

Regardless if your a cyclist, runner, or someone doing cardio at the gym...interval workouts are proven to give you your biggest exercise bang for the buck. With iNtervalTunes you can coordinate your music with your intervals. No more easy listening during work intervals and heavy metal during rest intervals.

iNtervalTunes - What do YOU want to hear?