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KruisMate is the DUTCH Language version of our popular crossword solver application. If you want the English language version please look at CrossMate.

KruisMate is the ultimate companion for anyone that enjoys doing crosswords, as well as providing answers to general knowledge games.

KriusMate goes beyond the help of most crossword solvers, in providing not just solutions amongst normal words, but also names of famous people, Roman Dieties etc, plus names of cities, countries, rivers and other places around the world. All often crop up in standard crosswords, and are particularly helpful in general knowledge crosswords

A good crossword solver should not just have a large number of words, but should also help you narrow the list of matches to a reasonable number to look through. CrossMate provides filters to help you do this.

In addition, special features are added to help with double-word solutions and cryptic crosswords.

All the functionality needed to track down a solution is available offline, so no network connection is required. It is the perfect companion whilst sat on the train doing the crossword in the newspaper.

Features include:

- Lightning fast search engine. No search button needed as possible matches are displayed instantly as you type.
- Easy to use, just provide the known letters, hitting space for the unknown ones.
- Comprehensive list of 170,000+ normal words, split into common and rare lists to help you find the right match.
- An additional list of 50,000+ Proper Nouns, ie names of countries, cities etc, plus first names and surnames of famous people (both living and dead), plus Deities and Heros from Greek, Norse, Roman, and Egyptian Mythology. Details for people include nationalities, professions, and year of birth/death.
- Easy to use filters to select the word list (or lists) to be searched, to help reduce the number of possible matches that must be looked through.
- Supports double-word solutions, particularly useful in cryptic crosswords, when some of the letters can be guessed but it is not known in which word.
- Finds Anagrams of the supplied letters, including two-word anagrams.
- Quick link to the wiktionary page to see detailed word definitions (network connection required)
- Quick link to the wiki page for famous/mythological persons (network connection required)

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