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You've always thought that finding the
real love was easy, right? Pub, spot
someone, approach someone, chitchat,
common interests, and so forth and so on!
Right, eaaasy...not!

Hey, but now there's iSingle! The solution
to one of the oldest problem of the world!
iSingle will help you to spot, approach,
chitchat, and exchange common interests
with someone (you just have to go in the
pub ;-)) to get to know better your soul

iSingle is one of the first peer to peer
iPhone/iPod Touch application that will
solve your troubles :-) No registration,
nor monthly fee, nor WiFi nor GPS.

Sounds like impossible?! Nope! iSingle just
exploits a Bluetooth connection (with no
cost) to communicate with other
iPhone/iPod touch devices that are close
by and that have iSingle installed and
running as well... You just have to go to
your favorite pub and iSingle will handle
(almost all) the rest for you!

iSingle features in 5 short points:

* Profile with profile picture and
personal information

* 20 contacts "known" in the past

* Ability to accept or reject a
request for friendship

* Chat, chat, chat to exchange spicy
phrases while hiding yourself behind
a keyboard (just for awhile, as we
all know it's easier this way to
break the ice :-))

* Meet your interesting "contact" right
away! Since iSingle uses a Bluetooth
connection between devices phisically
close to each other, you're already
on the right spot, at the right
time... and, thanks to iSingle, with
the right person soon too :-)

What are you waiting for?! Get iSingle,
spread the words and get to know new and
interesting people right away ;-)


We at LittleGame love feedback from our
If you have suggestions on iSingle or you
simply want to file a bug report, please
send an email to or
leave a feedback with the suggestion/bug
report directly on the Apple Store, thanks!