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Display your optimal tacks on a chart, and the exact distance and time on each tack. Standard GPS chartplotters do not account for tacking distances. But if they do not know the distance you will travel, how can they calculate your correct ETA? SailTimer gives you a quick and easy display of your optimal tacks and TTD™ (Tacking Time to Destination).

Whether for cruising or racing, it is important to be able to determine the best heading on all points of sail. Sailing off the wind increases boat speed but lengthens the distance. Heading too far upwind shortens the distance but reduces speed. To help you select the best heading, SailTimer continuously updates your optimal tacks.

Simply enter the directions of the wind and your destination along with the wind speed to get the optimal tacking angles. The sailing features in this app are not even available on GPS chartplotters; a sign of the times.

Operating Instructions and Unique Features:

● Save waypoints on the map. Then select one in the Waypoint list to name it. Then easily display the optimal tacks, tacking distances, headings and times to get to that waypoint.

● Small download (great for cellular connections).

● If you have our wireless anemometer (, the wind direction and speed arrives magically through the air. To see the optimal tacks, there is then only one step: Just enter the waypoint or direction to the waypoint. It is that simple.

● The app also includes easy in-app purchases for hydrographic charts from multiple countries. Low prices on marine charts for USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and large-scale charts of The Bahamas and Cuba.

● Aerial photos and world road maps are available free. Add marine charts with in-app purchases. All can be used offline.

● "North-Up" or "Heading-Up" can be selected when displaying aerial photos.

● The white crosshair icon in the top left is the “Follow-Me” button. If clicked, it turns blue and keeps your location in the center of the screen as you move. Unselect when not moving to look around the map, and when you want to zoom in and out.

● If using an anemometer, you can enlarge the Wind Speedometer to keep an eye on wind gusts. Click the Graph button and you can save or share a graph showing your boat speed and wind speed. The graph saves these for up to 24 hours as long as the device is not rebooted.

● Your device will not go to sleep when the app is open, to allow you to continue to monitor your progress on the chart. You can also continue to track your tacking results with the app running in the background or when the device is asleep (unless you hard-quit).

● ActiveCaptain™: Click on flags on the chart for comments and reviews about anchorages, marinas and hazards. The in-app purchase is less than the cost of a magazine. It is like a cruising guide that never goes out of date.

● Click on the pin at the end of a pair of tacks to bring up a notice box showing the distances, heading and time on each tack.

● Custom polar plots: The app can learn your unique sailboat's speed profile on all points of sail, for the most accurate tacking results.

● Switch to the port or starboard tack to avoid obstructions, or let the app automatically display the tack nearest to your current heading.

● Save, import or email your GPS track.

● Convert from Apparent to True wind speed & direction.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Easy to use: See simple how-to's, FAQs and YouTube demo at You will also see a link there for waterproof DryPaks with tie-down straps, if you need to protect and mount your device.