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Gods Bible Lite

iPhone / iPad
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God’s Bible Lite is an entirely Off-line* version of the King James Bible. There is absolutely no need for any Wi-Fi, 2G, or 3G networks to operate God’s Bible. This is great for those users that are truly on the go, such as in an airplane or on a cruise ship, or in a building with weak signals. Even though the internet, and network access itself is growing at an incredible pace, did you know that 5/6ths of the Earth still does not have access to the Internet?

God’s Bible Lite grew out of the necessity to have a fully featured bible in my pocket at all times, without any network access, so I could easily reference a specific verse - or to get guidance on situations I’m currently facing.

God’s Bible Lite not only provides functionality to read the entire bible from beginning to end, but also has a self guided reading trax system, quick verse access via the Verse Jump feature & Holy Destinations which allow you to virtually visit spiritual & Christian places, all over the world!

God’s Bible Lite isn’t just an application. It’s an investment in one’s self. Instead of buying that Mountain Dew today, make a positive change in your life, and get God's Bible Lite, instead.

*Holy Destinations is a mapping feature that utilizes the new Google maps api, so a minimum network connection is required to make use of the feature.