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You may be a winner, but are you a WinMaster?

If so, you don't have time for anything other than winning. And sometimes you're too busy planning your next victory to worry about the details. That's where the Win-O-Matic comes in. Every true WinMaster knows how to delegate actual work to others, and the Win-O-Matic is the perfect proxy. The Win-O-Matic puts a WIN button at your fingertips 24x7.

With the Win-O-Matic, you can concentrate on winning while it does the talking. The Win-O-Matic offers two unique modes of win support:

Winisms: Caught in a job interview with an obvious non-winner? Don't want to bother "feeding the fish", as it were? Set the Win-O-Matic to the appropriate Winism category and press WIN. Need to talk to your team to show them what an effective leader you are? There's a Winism category for that, too. Winisms let the Win-O-Matic speak for you in any number of appropriate situations. Just set the WinScope to the appropriate category and press the WIN button.

Winspirations: Winspirations are like the Win-O-Matic speaking inside your winning brain. They jack you up and prep you for your next crushing victory. It's not that a WinMaster needs constant reassurance. Think of it more like checking out your own reflection in a mirror. But inside your brain. And with a WIN button there to start the fire.

The Win-O-Matic's two modes of operation are easily selected via the soon-to-be-patented WinModulator. These two modes are at least double the number of modes offered by our nearest competitor.

Don't know who our nearest competitor is?


* Packed full of win to help any true WinMaster.
* 40 Winisms organized by category for any appropriate business situation, such as
Project Management
Job Interviews
* 20 Winspirations to help jack up your own personal win.
* Oversized WIN button for easy operation.
* Convenient "shake-to-win" feature for buttonless, one-handed operation.
* Unique WinModulator for "electric" mode selection.
* Glowing WinScope for clear insight into Win-O-Matic operation.
* Fine old world craftsmanship throughout.

First you need to decide what kind of win support you need from the Win-O-Matic. There are two modes of Win-O-Matic operation, one for each type of win support:
* WINSPIRATIONS: Inspirational one-liners to get any WinMaster jacked up and ready to go.
* WINISMS: Phrases organized by category to allow the Win-O-Matic to speak for you. Always appropriate for the situation at hand.

The Win-O-Matic switches between Winspiration and Winism mode via the "WinModulator", the electric throw switch at the bottom center of the console. By default, the Win-O-Matic starts off in Winspiration mode. In Winspiration mode, you can hear random Winspirations (the default setting), or click through the items in the glowing blue "WinScope" (via the gold clicker buttons below the scope) to find just the Winspiration you want.

When in Winism mode, the WinScope changes to a glowing amber. You can either (by default) listen to any random Winism, or click through the items in the WinScope to select a Winism category. Categories describe the situation you want win support for. For example, there are Winisms for job interviews, project management, etc. Once a Winism category is set, Winisms from that category will be cycled through at random.

When you're ready to get your win support, press the WinButton! Alternatively, you can "shake to win", shaking your Win-O-Matic to achieve the same effect as pressing the WinButton.

You can look at the back of the Win-O-Matic to change settings by dragging your finger across the Win-O-Matic to spin it around. You go back to the front of the Win-O-Matic by dragging your finger back across (in either direction). Settings are also available in the iPhone/iPod settings application.