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Devil's Lock

iPhone / iPad
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  • Educational
  • Puzzle
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Devil's Lock is a simple game focused on Your short-term memory. Most people can remember only about 7 things like numbers, colors or such. This game aims to exercise your short-term memory capacities.

The rules are easy to follow. You get a mechanism, called The Devil's Lock, which You have to open. In the beginning the lock has 3 tongues which can be opened one by one by turning your device left and right in the right order. The order You have to guess is totally random, but it remains the same in each level, so You can guess the right one by trial-and-error. The point is that You have to remember the moves You guessed right.

For example to open the first level with 3 locks, You have to turn Your device left or right (or clockwise / counterclockwise) one fourth of a full turn (90 degrees) and see if the first tongue opened or not. If it opened, You must guess the second move, and if You guessed right and the second tongue opened, You can move to the last one. But if You fail to guess the right move You can start over because all already opened tongues will close at the first failed attempt.

If You manage to open all the tongues, the two big ones will slide out thus opening the whole lock and completing the level. You must now close the lock by pinching the two big tongues close with two fingers, moving to a higher level with one more tongue to open.

The higher the level, the more tongues You have to open and the more steps You have to remember. Mot people won't get further than level 10, but there are 99 levels to open and Your personal best will be remembered so You can always come back to try to break that record.


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