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NetFoos Official's Tool

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Sports
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The NetFoos Official's Tool is a application to help foosball (table soccer) officials and players efficiently referee matches. The main functions include a timer and basic match event logging (penalties, time outs, and game scores).

The most important feature of the NetFoos Official's Tool is that it is designed such that the official using it should never need to take their eyes off of the match while the ball is in play. This is accomplished by the timer using nearly the entire main screen area to function as the timer start/reset button. There are no little buttons to find and each time the screen is tapped the timer simply starts counting up from zero. In addition, the previous four times are logged below the main counter if the official wishes to show a time infraction to the players.

The second design feature designed to keep official's eyes on the tables are the audio feedback systems. For example, each time the timer screen is tapped and the timer starts counting up from zero, a "beep" is sounded from the system (headphones may be used to not disturb the players). Additionally, as the timer reaches 10 or 15 seconds (tournament foosball players will recognize the importance of these times), a voice says "ten" or "fifteen" alerting the official that these possession time limits have been reached. A vibration alert may also be enabled for the "ten" and "fifteen" second milestones on the iPhone (no vibration on iPod Touch). As for the timer beyond 15 seconds, it continues to keep counting up to 99.9 seconds which means that the timer can also be used to time timeouts (30 seconds) as well as time between games (90 seconds).

For the logging of penalties ("jars" and "resets"), time outs and game scores there two separate screens to quickly log as well as access this information. Navigation for these is located in the small menu system on the bottom of the screen and includes buttons for both Game data ("Time Outs" and "Resets") as well as Match data ("Jars" and "Score"). On these screens the official can simply tap the appropriate box for the for the data they wish to log for up to 5 games in a match. Team names can also be entered at the top of these screens to keep the data in line. Lastly, the feedback features can be turned on/off in the Options settings so that you can configure the feedback options to how you like best.

Remember that the NetFoos Official's Tool is designed to keep the official's eyes on the game as well as making it easy to keep track of crucial match information in order for them to remain fully focused on the match. Once you get yours installed, simply launch the app and tap the screen to start the timer. Then, be sure to play around with the various option settings. Enjoy!