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Camp & Hike Checklist

iPhone / iPad
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Camp & Hike provides a easy to use checklist building process for managing Hikes or Campouts. I know … I know… another checklist program! I think you may like this apps approach. Now this app supports formatted checklists for Ultralight Backpacking.

The process is easy! …. Type the name for the Trip and select from one of three Master Lists (Backpacking Ultralight, Camping, Hiking) of all possible items to take, broken down into convenient categories. Now select the items to take and with the push of a button you now have a checklist of items for the trip! Check off items, as you get ready. You can even set quantities, weights (to 1/10 ounce) and priority levels. Repeat this cycle to generate unique future Trip checklists.

Set your destination data such as location, address, booking, etc and show a map of where you will stay.

The app comes populated with numerous items to get you started. These items can easily be added, changed, re-arranged or deleted to fit your unique needs. You can even create your own checklists on your PC/Mac in a spreadsheet and then import into this app.

- Master Lists: Ultralight Backpacking, Camping, Hiking, Personal List
- Trip Lists: Items picked from a Master List created by you
- Personal Lists: First Aid, + Build your own checklist for any topic

- Master Lists pre-filled with numerous common items grouped into logical categories
- Record destination / booking information and then display your destination / current location on a map or satellite view
- Exchange checklists via Bluetooth / email / AirPrint in pdf format / AirDrop
- Use iTunes File Share to Import/ Export checklists to a Spreadsheet for editing
- Add, Delete, or Change items or groups from any of the lists
- Copy / Paste groups across & within checklists
- Add a Quantity, Priority or Weight (Lbs/Ounces or Kg/Grams) to any item
- Items can be moved around on a list or select alphabetic ordering
- Check mark of items once selected or items can disappear when checked
- Clear all check marks and/or priorities from any list
- Backup and Restore feature

I am a team of one & retired ... so contact me with suggestions or issues found.... this would be greatly appreciated!

- Maps show destination addresses and NOT trails.
- Master lists are used to create Trip/ToDo items. They can be edited ... they are not intended as a stand alone check list ... if needed you could create a Trip/ToDo with all items in the master (Options/Select All).