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Yuga Calendar Calculator

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This very simple Yuga calendar calculator takes everyday Gregorian dates in a wide range from BC to AD (BCE to CE) and converts them to their equivalents on the ancient Vedic cycle of ages known as the Yugas, with both a text and graphical output -- the relevant Yuga is outlined in red.

The calculation used is that of Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri.

Students of the Yugas will find it simple to correlate the dates of past events, archeological finds, the lifetimes of religious figures, features in the night sky, predictions of future events and more with their place in the Yuga Ages.


2525 AD will be Ascending Dwapara 825
2015 AD is Ascending Dwapara 315
500 AD was Ascending Kali 0
11,500 BC was Descending Satya 0

It should be noted that this is not the traditional Hindu calculation, under which we are under Kali Yuga today and will continue to be for thousands of years despite the 'energy and space conquering' nature of the world from 1700.


AD dates are positive and BC dates are entered as a negative with a '-'
Error checking is simplistic - valid numbers are accepted, invalid ones are treated as 0