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Graphicus - Graphing Calculator

iPhone / iPad
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Want a powerful graphing calculator that works with the touch of a button? Then step up to Graphicus. Plotting, roots, points of inflection and much more is now done easily with attractive results. All you have to do is download the app and use the multi-touch interface. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Great app.
“Slim and still very useful. Derivative plotting is the thing that I was searching for a long time. Thank you.”
- toni_

“I am a math professor who enjoys using graphing calculators. Graphicus has amazing visual appeal in a calculus course. Where else can you click one button and see tangent lines as you move across the graph? Click another button to find roots, another to find max-mins, and yet another to find points of inflection. It is amazing!”
- x^8

You’ve got projects to do and you need help. There are calculations, graphs to make and then there are the implicit functions to work on. You don’t have a lot of time, just a lot of tasks.

Relax, Graphicus will help. This is the most powerful and easiest to use graphing calculator available in the App Store. You aren’t going to believe how fast you get things done with this little beauty.

Using only its intuitive, multi-touch interface, Graphicus transforms your iPhone into a super graphing tool. Plotting, inspection of Cartesian, polar, parametric and implicit functions or even finding roots, extrema and more is mere child’s play for this app.

Go ahead, try it out. Calculate a definite integral or curvature; graph a function or its derivative or find an intersection. You can do it all with Graphicus and using only one finger. Heck, you can even find inflection points or draw tangents and osculating circles.

Graphicus is totally unique. You get all the information you need about the points on your graphs, too. You and the app work together toward a common goal. The nice thing is, Graphicus takes care of the labor intensive part for you.

There are no limits when using Graphicus. Plot as many different functions at a time as you need to, this app can handle it. The newly added custom keyboard will even speed up the process by making function entering a breeze.

* Powerful graphing calculator
* Easy, multi-touch and intuitive interface
* Handles plotting, roots, points of inflection, roots, extrema, inspection of Cartesian, polar, parametric and implicit functions, inflection points and much, much more
* Unlimited number of functions can be used simultaneously
* Draws graphs, tangents and osculating circles
* Get lots of information about particular graph points
* Custom keyboard streamlines function entering

Graphicus is the only application that has some of these rich capabilities. The fact that it is incredibly easy to use is an added bonus that is going to make your graphing life so much easier.

Work smarter, not harder. Download Graphicus – Graphing Calculator now.