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Timestamp It - Make your Photos Memorable

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Photo & Video
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How often have you looked at a photo from your album and saw the date it was taken and start remembering how great it was when you took that photo?

Or how about old pictures of yourself, and you know exactly how old you were because the picture develops with the time/date of when it was taken?

Problem is, there is no way to find out when a photo was taken with the standard iPhone camera.

*** NOW YOU CAN ***

With Timestamp it! All you have to do is take a picture like you normally would and it will automatically be timestamped with the current date and time.

If you can't see the "Timestamp" you can change the color of the font to make it more readable.

After you're done just press save or share image

What if you have old pictures that haven't been timestamped yet?

This app has got you covered. Just open up the photo library from within the app and choose the old photo you want to timestamp.

You don't want to Timestamp it as today's date though right? You can choose a date in the past to timestamp your old photos.

**Every photo holds a memory. How can you remember the photo in the future when you have no idea when it was taken?**