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Beginner Mandarin

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Did you know that in Mandarin…

The word for ‘a horse’ is spelled the same as ‘a mother’ as well as ‘hemp’.

If you want to buy something from a store, you may be telling them you want to sell it instead.

The same word for to build also spells to hit.

If you are asking out someone’s daughter, you may actually be asking out their tender beef!

When speaking Mandarin it’s all about the tone of your voice! It can mean the difference between saying what you mean, and a very embarrassing situation. In Mandarin this is the most important first step in learning. It is called Pinyin, and it literally means, “spelling sound”. This is something that you cannot learn from phrasebooks, dictionaries or audio books. Speaking the tone incorrectly even the slightest can make it impossible for people to understand you. With Beginner Mandarin, you can fix that.

Features include:
- Simplified Chinese character examples for each tone to help in remembering each (over 2100 examples!)
- Contains a quiz for listening and pronouncing Pinyin tones to test your abilities!
- Unique recording of all possible tones. (406 syllables and over 1270 tones) with all tones stored on your iPhone!
- Audio recorded by professional who works closely with language professor at University of Beijing. (Best place to learn proper dialect of Mandarin.)

So learn how to impress the ladies, don’t be embarrassed at your next big meeting, interact with friends and coworkers with ease, and travel with confidence knowing you have this language companion in your pocket!



- 隨時隨地一邊學拼音;簡體字,一邊學英文。
- 包括普通話 406 個拼音組合中1271個聲調的真人發音,每個聲調均有中文字列舉。總共收錄將近2200 個常用簡體字,全部具有英文翻譯對照。在學習拼音的同時更可以充實英文詞彙
- 單獨發聲,可自行通過觸頻選擇聲母、韻母組合
- 包括聽力和發音小測驗
- 無須互聯網連接便可使用,輕鬆方便
- 備有音量調控

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