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A long history of Pompeii, AD 79 Vesuvius in August for the moment by the volcanic eruption of volcanic ash buried in the underground, by doing so they retain a large number of ancient Roman Empire architectural monuments and artistic heritage, to become the world's most famous ancient sites . Mining began in the ancient city of 1748 to 1960, is nearing completion. City built on an area of about 63 hectares on the floor of the pentagon and Taiwan, there are long by 3 kilometers around the city walls, ancient Rome, buildings, crafts and other well-preserved remains of living for the study of ancient Roman society and history to provide first-hand information. Well-known tourist sites.

Pompeii's history can be traced back to the 10th century BC, Pompeii was the only Deep Bay, a small market, is mainly engaged in agriculture and fisheries production, until the 3rd century BC, the powerful Roman Empire will be included in Pompeii their own territory, there has become a bustling city, many trade and economic development, focusing on a number of magnificent architecture and exquisite sculpture, the Roman Empire was the economic, political and religious centers. Now the ancient city of Pompeii has been designated as UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage, said the tourists here is "natural History," which attracts tens of thousands every day from all over the world people come here to swim visit. I shuttle in the ruins of the ancient city streets, out in the semi-destroyed houses, villas, trade markets, shops, bakery, spa bath, storage, as well as theater, the Colosseum, sports grounds, feel feel an upsurge of ups and downs, to the imagination.
Pompeii excavations, so that people seemed to enter a dream, came to the first century AD Roman Empire city tour.