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Vol 07: Geek Hero Comic

iPhone / iPad
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Geek Hero Comic is a famous web comic strip by Salvatore Iovene. Now, you can carry his master pieces in your pocket!
-Clever Workaround
-Social Skills
-A Catastrophe
-Military Strategy
-HTTP what?
-Browser For The Better
-Productivity Today
-Life Under A Rock
-Team Building
-Technobabble Contest
-Call For Responsibility
-Resource Optimization
-The Fourteenth Floor
-Boot Sequence Complete
-Seamless Mode
-Not The Future My Mother Warned Me About
-The HTTP Specification Is Dangerous
-Busylooping To Hypothermia
-Start Your Engines
-Dig That Security
-The Blue Screen Of Literalness
-Completely Unfair Scheduler
-Common Pitfalls: Initialize Your Variables
-Two Questions
-Points Of View

(c) 2009 All Rights Reserved
Salvatore Iovene

This iPhone app was developed by ObjectGraph LLC. Please do not contact the author about any technical questions of this app, your iPhone, or your iPod Touch. If your device does not start the application, please restart. It will fix the problem.

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