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The iPractice app is a multimedia learning tool that complements your guitar practice. This application is designed to engage players with audio and visuals that guide them through practice sessions focused on specific, fundamental skills. Just pick up your guitar, watch the screen and:

* Play along to the beat as the on-screen animated tablature shows you the correct finger positioning for different scales, chords and articulations.

* Hear both the beat and the backing chords that accompany the piece of music you’re working with. Rather than learning to play the guitar in isolation, with iPractice, your “drummer” helps you keep pace while the backing chords help train your ear so you can hear if you play a wrong note.

* Practice keeping your eyes on the music rather than looking at your fingers on the fret board. Watch as the animation guides you through the tablature and you’ll learn how to navigate the fret board using touch—not sight. 

With iPractice, you’ll get convenient access to a comprehensive set of learning sessions that help you master essential guitar skills. Spend just 5 or 10 minutes a day workin’ on your chops and before you know it, you’ll rock!

What You Need:
1: A guitar
2: A little familiarity with tablature (but, don’t worry—you will not need to know how to read sheet music)
3: An iPhone or an iPod touch

iPractice is designed for beginner/intermediate guitar players. It won't teach you how to hold the guitar or how to make a Barre chord, but it will help you develop the fundamental skills you need to become a better guitar player. For the price of a cup of coffee, you’ll get a set of 170 individual practice sessions that improve fundamental guitar skills—and the results won’t wear off after an hour! To try out this application for FREE, download iPracticeLite, which will get you started with 5 basic sessions.

Rock on!