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Couple Matching

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One of the most important decisions of our life is who we will marry or date long term ? With the right choice of an partner one can zoom in life and handle life challenges as a team. Conversely with a poor choice it turns into a long nightmare, were partners work seemingly irrationally just to make each other’s live miserable. It very much seems like a lottery!


But, now you have a tool which can give you a rational, and analytical insight into the coupling or match with an eerie accuracy. It matches couples along physiological, emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual factors using 8 dimensions. It has been used since ancient times in India with nearly zero divorce rates. Couples matches with this system seem to magically get along irrespective of pressing life challenges. Compared this to unmatched couples who seem to have all but want out.

Energy (Nadi) - 8 points
Luck (Rasi) - 7 points
Nature (Gana) - 6 points
Friendship (Graha Maitri) - 5 points
Sex (Yoni) - 4 points
Joy (Dina) - 3 points
Control (Vasya) - 2 points
Class - (Varna) - 1 points


This is based on the 5,000 year old Vedic astrology or Jyotish Kuta point system. It uses the time and place of birth to calculate position in a lunar constellation. Unlike the western astrology sidereal astrology needs no corrections. It was built by great sages in Vedic time and improved upon by mathematicians and astronomer Aryabhatta. He also accurately calculated the speed of light around 500 AD.

The position of the couple matched across 8 dimensions can have a maximum of 36 points. Only coupling receiving 20 or more points are recommended.


The details provide couple areas they can work on or some which they can’t change due to their inherent physical, emotional or mental makeup. Thus each of the partners can make a thoughtful and insightful decisions on nature of the relationship - its potential for short term or long term. Whether it is driven by physical chemistry, intellectual bonding, or compatible values or lack thereof. All in all avoiding an expensive relationship mistake while helping find a great “Made in Heaven” match.

No Data Entry for latitude, longitude, and time; all input via Pickers.
Database with 80,000 global cities with population of 5,000.
Simple scale animation for Couple compatibility score.
Summary report for detailed matching on each dimension, stars and planets.
Practical explanation on each score factor.
Animation for couple Celestial Star alignment in the lunar constellation.


The explanation for all 8 individual scores/dimensions plus the aggregate score is given under the Directions Tool Bar icon shown in the fifth screenshot. This is to avoid clutter. Would be nice to ask for help before putting 1 star.

The app currently saves the data for the last match but a future version will provide a capability save selected matches.


Email: CoupleMatching [AT] VadikLiving [DOT] net