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Hold'em Outs is an outs calculator and poker hand simulator for poker players and dealers of any skill level.
Basic enough for beginners.
Challenging enough for veterans.

Who could use Hold'em Outs?

-Poker players wanting to get better at the basic odds associated with Hold'em
-Online players wanting quick access to percents and odds for their current hand
-Poker players wanting quick access to some basic percents and odds for pre-flop, flop, turn and river.
-Poker players who sometimes need help clarifying why a card is or is not an "out"
Hold'em Outs gives you the ability to easily find out why!
-Poker players that have trouble recognizing if they are winning the hand, losing the hand, or which cards are needed to win the hand when someone goes all-in and the cards are turned over
-Poker players wanting to improve their knowledge of the game
-Poker dealers or people training to be dealers
-People who watch poker on TV wondering which cards the losing player can get to take the lead or win the hand
-"Stats" people who want a quick way to deal random hands or custom situations multiple times
-Poker players new to the game needing help figuring out what hand they have and who has won. This can help settle disputes during home games.
-Poker players who like brain teasers

Have you ever wondered how professional poker players know when to call and when not to call tough bets? Sure, they need to be able to read their opponents, but they also need to be able to calculate if they are making a good call or not. This is done by knowing how many cards are left in the deck that will help them win. These cards are called "outs". Getting good at calculating "outs" quickly while you are in a hand takes lots of practice! Hold'em Outs allows you to quickly "practice" making these calculations without having to actually play poker.

Don't think you need to practice? You can never calculate outs fast enough. Most people can calculate their "outs" to win, but completely miss their "outs" to tie/split the pot! There could be a situation where a player only has 6 "outs" with only the river card left to be dealt. This means they won't win very often. But at the same time their opponent could only have 14 "outs" meaning there are 24 cards left in the deck that will cause a tie and thus a split pot. Hold'em Outs allows you to practice finding the "outs" in all tricky situations.

Beginners can use Hold'em Outs to calculate "outs" when your opponent's cards are exposed

Veterans can use Hold'em Outs to calculate "outs" when opponent's cards are not exposed but they have narrowed down the most likely cards their opponents have.
Calculate the "outs" so you know: 1) If my opponent has one pair then I have _____ "outs" 2) If my opponent has two pair then I have ____ "outs" and so on.

Use Regular Mode to simulate random situations or create your own situations to practice with. In Regular Mode you can calculate the number of "outs" for any situation (between 2 players), see which cards are the "outs", see why each card is an "out", and see the percent of time you will take the lead or win the hand.

Use Challenge Mode to try to figure the "outs" for pre-set situations. Challenge Mode is not meant to be a game. It is designed to expose users to pre-set situations that will challenge them and allow a "guess and check" method of practice. It also provides a way to see the correct answer and the reason.

How can Hold'em Outs be used to practice dealing? The key to reading hands quicker and faster is repetition. With Hold'em Outs you can deal a new random hand in less than 5 seconds! Try shuffling and dealing that fast!

-Practice dealing in Regular Mode by dealing the flop, turn and river cards first, just as the dealer would see it. Then deal random hands to each player simulating the players turning over their cards. Touch the "Winner?" button to show winner.

Internet access is NOT required