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Clicker Training

iPhone / iPad
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"If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get a little training in with your pet, I’d say this is money well spent."

Do you have a hard time making your pet listen to you?

Does your dog constantly bark or jump on guest?

With the Clicker Training app, you can make the best of your pet! Not only does the app feature a clicker, it also includes what to do with it! With the training tips section, you will be training your pet in no time.

Clicker training is completely safe and guaranteed to work with the right technique. Professional trainers have been using clickers for years to train virtually ANY type of animal.

Clickers were first used for training dolphins, but now, it is mainly used for dogs and cats. But many kinds of pets can be trained using the clicker. Pets like: dogs, cats, horses, birds, big cats, rabbits, ferrets, fish, gerbils, hamsters, and more!

Here's how clicker training works - If the pet does something good, you click and give them a treat. As they begin to get the hang of it, they will only do the actions you ask them. Your pet will hear the click, and know that they were good and get a treat. This will make them repeat the good behavior anytime. This is truly a wonderful way to train your pet!

The more you train with the clicker, the more your pet will respond. Instead of taking an actual clicker everywhere you go, just take the Clicker Training app!
The app has now been sold in over 40 countries!

*An ANIMATED clicker with sound for training.

*Basic information to get familiar to clicker training.

*Beginner's training tips to help you get started.

*Advanced training tips - Fun tricks and tips to help take your pet to the next level!

*Training log - Track your progress and save training sessions. The log tracks your clicks per session, how long each session was, and when the session was.

*Many great videos of clicker training. Instructional videos of professionals using the awesome power of clicker training.

*Trick Pics - Pictures of various tricks. Simple examples of the tricks and the commands for them.

*How To Do the Tricks - Detailed training Tips on each of the "Tricks Pics".

*A beautiful, easy to use graphical interface.

*More pictures, tips, and videos to come in future updates.

*New high resolution images/icons for the retina display!

***KIDS LOVE IT! Even if you don't have pets, it makes a noise that is fun as a toy too!***

*Note- Remember to make sure your device's volume is up and not muted to hear the click! The videos require internet to view. Please send me any changes/add-ons you would like to see. This app is made for you and your furry friends!