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Rocks From Space!

iPhone / iPad
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It's a peaceful day in the city of Metromegalopolis. But wait, what's that sound high up in the air? It looks like incoming rocks the size of the latest SUV!

No time to duck for cover, or wonder if this is the result of Global Changing Climates or even an alien species bent on our destruction! We must act, and act now, to save our beloved skyscrapers from doom!

Good thing the city has used its spare change from parking meters to install an advanced anti-space-rock-missile system! It's up to you to command that missile system and knock out those Rocks From Space!

Simply tap the screen where you want a missile to head to, and one will launch and explode right where you tell it. If a rock is caught in the explosion, it will be destroyed as well! You will be a hero!

But no time to rest, it looks like more rocks are coming in, and these ones seem to be a little faster! Aaaaah!


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