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*For iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4*

The practice of keeping a log book goes back hundreds of years to early explorers that kept logs and charts of new lands and waters. They probably started keeping notes about where they had been so they could find their way home. Whatever the origin, keeping a log proved to be such a great idea that the practice has since been mandated by law, at least on commercial vessels, and is considered good seamanship. Some captains rely on several logs: and engine log, deck logs, and the official logbook. The latter includes records of ship's events, weather, and positions (recorded on each watch), sailing drafts, vessel stability, required drills, and crew information.

ShipsLog allows you to quickly create logs with pictures and text. It also fills in all the weather, course and speed for you using the GPS and internet. Just press the weather button in the upper left corner after you create the log. It also allows you to send the data with picture using email. There is a live map that shows logged and current location. You can take a picture or pick from your albums. You can press a button that will take you to Google maps and it will show your location. The email also has a link that goes to Google maps and shows your location. The top of the screen displays the GPS accuracy so you can wait for the best signal before starting a new log. The logs can also be named so you can easily find a trip log. All logs are dated and have the time stamped to them. This app saves you lots of time and makes it easy to create your logs. You can use this for any type of log like automotive trips hiking or just a diary of your life.

*For iPhone 3G,3GS and 4*