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Career Values

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This app is designed to help you to maximise job and career satisfaction. If you are thinking of changing career, looking for a new job or just want to bring some excitement back into your work, this app is for you.

It will help you to:
• Identify what motivates you (your top five career values)
• Create a tool you can refer to and update (career values star)
• See how to use that in practice in your job and career (action tips)

What are career values?
Your career values represent what is most important to you in your work and career. They are your core drivers and motivators. They are working all the time but often in the background. When you know what they are you can use them to maximise career success and satisfaction.

Here are some examples of career values:
• Achievement
• Challenge
• Creativity
• Purpose
• Success
• Security
• Vision

If any of these are your career values, it will be important for you to experience them in some way in your work. If you don’t, you may start to feel frustrated or stressed.

• When you are working in line with your career values, you feel satisfied and happy.
• When you don’t, work can feel frustrating, stressful and dissatisfying.

How does the app work?
• 21 values to choose from
You will have a list of 21 values to choose from. Each value has a description about what it means, with action tips for how to put it into practice.
• Assess
You can then assess the values to identify your top five. This works by seeing 3 at a time, and rating them in order of importance to you - 1st, 2nd, 3rd. We suggest you do this as spontaneously as possible, to give your immediate response.
• Career Values star
When you have assessed all 21 values against each other, you will see your top five values in a career values star, which you can save. You can use this star as often as you want and can do the assessment again to see if it changes.

How could I use my career values star?
Your career values star, combined with the action tips will give you a way to:
• Discover what is important to you in any new job or career.
• Maximise job satisfaction.
• Increase levels of success and fulfilment.

You can use it when you are looking for a new job, when you want to make the most of an opportunity or any time you want to improve your job or career situation.

What about values like money?
Money is not a value in itself. You have to ask what money brings you, and that tells you what your values are. For example, it could be security, challenge, success, satisfaction, or status. These would be your career values, rather than ‘money’. This would be the same for any object or thing that people might think are values, rather than the values themselves.

App development
This app has been co-developed with Executive and Career Coach, Hazel Russo, who uses this type of approach with clients who are looking to change or develop their careers. She says that once people understand their career values, they have a tool they can use to make decisions, make changes and take command of their career.