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COMPREHENSVE TEXT MESSAGING – Dictionary of Text Message Codes

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Okay, so you already know all about how to send and receive text messages. But do you always know how to make them really concise and short? Do you know how to make your messages more fun?

Or are you a parent who would love to know what all those weird letters and symbols on your teen’s phone really mean?

With this cool app, you’ll have a very extensive list of texting codes. There are single words, useful and common phrases and symbols that translate into a whole new language.

You'll learn that KITA actually means "kick in the ass" or that YOYO means "you are on your own." Or that MWAH reads as "signed with a kiss" or "I love you." Some are easy, such as IAE meaning "in any event", but you may not know that B:-) means "glasses on head."

You'll also learn about the puzzling collection of emoticons that real texters use. <^oo^> depicts "a big eyed cat", and :-X is "a big wet kiss." @+ is "a flower", and :-* is "a kiss."

Make your texting more interesting by incorporating new ideas. Compete with your friends to see who can make a message with the least amount of characters. Or use some puzzling new collections of letters and symbols to put together quips that will out-stump your buddies.

This popular app will surely be on your best buy list.

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