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HYOGO Route Map

iPhone / iPad
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The change in the base setting, the layer display of the route map, the retrieval function, and the route map became new, too.
It became possible to add Hyogo (Kobe) subway of the Hyogo Route Map while it was another application program (Kansai Route Map).

●The railway route of the first in the Hyogo prefecture is covered and everything is covered.
- Kobe Municipal Subway
- JR West
- Hankyu Railway
- Hanshin Electric Railway
- Nose Electric Railway
- Osaka Monoral
- Kobe New Transit
- Kobe Rapid Transit Railway
- Sanyo Electric Railway
- Kobe Electric Railway
- Hojo Railway
- Chizu Kyuko
- Kitakinki Tang

・The subway, JR, and the private railway in Hyogo Prefecture are covered.
・Expansion reduced display of railway route map of Hyogo Prefecture (original)
・It is possible to select it from 13 railway companies.
・Each route can be selected from the railway company further.
・Each route is a display of the station name (Japanese and English) and the transfers.
・When the station name is done with the route map in the tap, it moves to the route list.
・To specify any station, the base setting is changed.
・Station name list display function
・It corresponds to retrieve the station name.
・The layer of the route map can be displayed (subway emphasis and JR emphasis, etc.).
・It is does an icon of the TOP screen or is a possible setting change ..the display of the list to either...
・Any Japanese and English correspondence

●Related application program
・Osaka Route Map (whole area of Osaka Prefecture)
・Kyoto Route Map (whole area of Kyoto Prefecture)
・Kansai Route Map (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Shiga, Nara, Wakayama, and Mie)