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The Mask - IPv4 & IPv6 Calculator (The Internet Address Calculator)

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IPv4 & IPv6 Network addressing made easy.

Avoid time-consuming and error-prone manual calculations when designing or troubleshooting your IPv4 and IPv6 networks – use "The Mask" – IPv4 & IPv6 Calculator.

This tool is a must if you are a Network Planner, Network Designer, Network Administrator, or Tech Support Analyst.

“The Mask” is the easiest and most portable way to analyze and configure IPv4 & IPv6 network addresses in the field or in the office and eMail your results.

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Providing our customers with what they have requested:
* AirPrint and eMail of results now available
* Ability to specify more subnets for IPv4 VLSM Subnet Design
* Easier access to help on iPad version

IPv4 CALCULATOR (Subnetting & Supernetting):

* Allows you to enter an IP address and subnet mask to calculate the resident subnet, useable address range, and broadcast address for that subnet.
* Tells you the available number of subnets and hosts.
* Tells you the Class of the entered IP address and the default network mask for that Class.
* Tells you if the entered IP address is a Private address.
* Allows you to determine the subnet address, host address range and broadcast address for the "nth" subnet.


* There has never been a full-function Variable Length Subnet Mask Address Design tool as portable and as easy to use as The Mask.
* Simply enter a Base IP address, the number of subnets required, and the desired number of hosts per subnet.
* The Designer automatically determines the subnet address, custom IP address range and broadcast IP address for each desired subnet. Your custom subnets are then displayed in a convenient scrolling list format, all in the palm of your hand.


* Allows entry of IP Addresses to be summarized.
* Calculates the SuperNet Address, SuperNet Mask, Wildcard Mask, number of IP Addresses and number of Useable IP Addresses.


* Enter a IP address and Prefix length.
* Displays the Expanded Address, Compressed Address, Subnet Prefix masked, Address ID masked, Prefix Address, Address Type and Network Range.
* Various address types are determined like: Aggregatable Global Unicast, Unspecified, Loopback, Link-Local, Site-Local, Unique-Local and others.


* Map multi-level hierarchical subnets by defining various levels and the number of subnets per level.
* View the defined hierarchical levels and the subnet address at each level.
* eMail results at any level.


* Display your IPv6 address in binary format (128 bits).


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* IPv6 Prefix Length Converter
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