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Quranic Prayers

iPhone / iPad
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“Quranic Prayers” is a unique religious application that contains 125 selected sayings and supplications from the Holy Quran.
At a time when there is a lot of conjecture and assumptions, it is important to return to the divine source, to the words of Allah – the Quran.
What makes this APP unique is the effort has been made to do the research and isolate the individual verses and their respective context. The prayers / sayings have been colour coded based on 4 criteria and have been double checked for accuracy by religious authorities in the UAE.
For example, sayings by the Prophets ABRAHAM, ISMAIL, MOSES, JOSEPH, JACOB. JESUS, MUHAMMAD, JETHRO, JOB, HUD, Peace be upon them etc. … Also, the Quran contains references to many historical figures like PHARAOH, IMRAN’S WIFE, THE COMPANIONS OF THE CAVE, THE APOSTLES, MOSES’ PEOPLE , etc… and their sayings / supplications are also included in the APP.
The main page contains the main title and the 4 buttons – the START button, the SETTINGS button, the COPYRIGHT button and the CREDITS button. The SETTINGS button toggles automatically between ENGLISH and ARABIC every 3 seconds for Arabic users to be able to understand.
Once the SETTINGS button is chosen, the user can choose the navigational language [ENGLISH or ARABIC]. The RANODOMIZE option is also set here which allows the user to generate a new saying / prayer by shaking the device.
The main page which appears when the user presses START contains the main content of the application. The top show a PREVIOUS and NEXT button with information about the verse as well by SURA number, VERSE numbers and CONTEXT. These 3 variables are also what define the SEARCH criteria.
The main page is divided into 2 halves – the top half contains the ARABIC verses [as an image] and the bottom half contains the corresponding translation of the verses in the language that the user chooses.
The bottom of the page has the 4 main icons – the HOME page returns us home. The TRANSLATE icon brings up a floating window that allows the user to choose to TRANSLATE the current verses between ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN and SPANISH.
The third button is the AUDIO button which plays an audio recitation in ARABIC for the corresponding verse.
The last icon is the SEARCH icon which allows the user to search by number, SURA name or CONTEXT. This option allows the user to view all sayings attributed to a certain person, group or context. For example sayings by the Prophet ABRAHAM or PHARAOH'S SORCERERS or THE ANGELS....
Also, even though the previous OS does not support ARABIC, we have decided to create image files for all ARABIC words to allow users to have the same level of functionality.
We are very excited about the release of this APP and we believe that it will bring much knowledge and peace of mind to spiritual people all over the world.