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Numbers to 1 - Brain Puzzle

iPhone / iPad
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"Numbers to 1" is an exiting new puzzle concept for those who like to use (and train) their brains.

Super small app!

US Customer:
"SUPER ADDICTING..LIMITLESS CHALLENGE - Once you figure out how it works...takes a little time...this is really a great game! If you enjoy number puzzle games like sudoku, you will definitely enjoy this one. Give it a chance!"

You like to think ahead, you are a strategist, you are in control, the puzzle comes to its solution..BUT WAIT: "what's this 3 doing here?"

If you like sudoku, *traffic jam*, Rubik's Cube, river crossings, or other logic/ strategic puzzles, you will like this one!

The objective of the game is to get all the numbers to 1 using strategical moves; just tap, no sliding needed. The moving number will be decreased by the number(s) it passes. If e.g. a 6 jumps over a 1 and a 2 it becomes a 3 (6-1-2 = 3). Final gap must be bottom right!

Lower levels are for learning, higher levels become challenging!

Tip: if you're stuck turn on the colors to see which numbers belong to which columns: look at the stripes beneath them.

The higher levels are more difficult, but you can play as many puzzles at one level as you like!

- Almost unlimited number of addictive and challenging puzzles
- Choose 5 dimensions at will
- Go to previous levels
- Remembers score per dimension
- Remembers where you left off
- Colors on/off for less/more challenge
- Sound on/off
- Cool, clear graphics
- Easy to learn, difficult to master

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