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iFoto Dialer

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iFoto Dialer is a phone and contact app replacement for the iPhone that allows to dial your contacts quicker and easier. iFoto dialer is a two in one product that combines smart dialer capabilities with photo based dialing.
The dialer has two dialing modes: Smart Keypad mode and Photo Dial mode.

Upon launch, iFoto Dialer presents a generic number keypad that looks much like the original one. You can use this keypad to make phone calls in a similar way like any other number keypad, but it’s also capable of finding contacts. If you have a contact named John Goodchild Dow, typing the number keys corresponding to the few of letters of his first or last name will bring up the contact on the keypad, ready to be dialed.

If the contact that shows up isn’t the one you were looking for, because you have more than one name with the same letters in your contacts list, you can either tap a button to go to the next match or continue entering the contact’s name even further.

Key features:
* Dial numbers as you normally would
* Search contact by first name, last name, or company name - all at once
* When searching contact, there's no need to tap a given key multiple times for a single letter (to search for "B", just hit the 2 button once, not twice)
* Select the keypad language by long tapping on '#' key
* Sending key tones, DTMF sounds, and all other features of the original dialer are preserved
* Favorites photo dialer tab

Photo dial mode

The application starts in Smart keypad mode, rotate the device to landscape in order to toggle the Photo dial mode.

Gives the ability to initiate calls simply by tapping a photo of a contact. Use this mode to conveniently contact often called contacts such as friends and family.

Key features:
* Favorite screen with 12 contacts
* Tap the contact's picture to dial
* Long tap on a contact to edit
* Tap on an empty placeholer to define a contact
* English (Latin), Russian (Cyrillic), Arabic and Hebrew keypads.

Other options:
* Set the first / last name display order
* Select the sound of a keypad press. It can be either DTMF or Voice