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Pro Style Pick Up Lines

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Modern western society has evolved to the extent that it is no longer acceptable to behave as our relatives in the natural world and we can no longer hit our perspective partners over the head with a club and drag them back to our cave. Mating is expected for life but the cave man methods of introduction will more often get you arrested than a new partner. As a result, new methods of introducing ourselves have developed.

The most common of these is the simple chat up or pick up line. It is used primarily as an introduction to the object of our affections and to show that you are attracted to them in some way. Such methods have been used for centuries in various forms from the simple one liner to serenades or poetry. Essentially it's just a way of grabbing some attention for yourself, hopefully long enough that the object your desire sees something they wish to pursue. The chat up line is most often used at parties, in bars and at clubs though it may be deployed at any time.

Introducing Pro Style Pick Up Lines.
12 categories.
Cheese - Cool - Creepy - Crude - Cute - Desperate - Direct - Funny - Gross - Romantic - Saucy - Strange
A grand total of 1684 pick up lines.

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Disclaimer: These lines do not come with a guarantee to work and use of them may result in the subject being offended and/or causing injuries to the user. Such action should in no way be attributed to the author or the researchers who have contributed to this product. Yadda yadda, please don't sue us. So we are not responsible for your irresponsibility, though we are quite prepared for you to lavish your praise on us when you win your hearts desire.

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